Z-Wave Secure Pipe Tank Digital Temperature Sensor - 1m Wire

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SES 002 is a wired digital temperature sensor that has been designed to measure surface temperature of hot water flow pipes and hot water tanks in central heating and hot water applications. It can only be used either with wall mounted SES 302 temperature sensor or SES 303 temperature and humidity sensor in a Z-Wave network. i.e. SES 002 can't be used standalone.

The supplied tank sensor housing fits over the pipe sensor housing for installation on hot water storage tanks, letting you measure the temperature of tank. SES 002 is supplied with a 1-metre long communication cable as well as 1-meter long cascading cable. 1-meter long cascading cable can be used to connect another SES 002 in the same network.

The communication cable have an RJ10 male connector at one end and stripped wires at the other end while cascading cables have RJ10 connectors at both ends. Up to four SES 002 pipe or tank sensors can be cascaded in daisy chain with SES 302 or SES 303.

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