Z-Wave Secure 7 Day Time Control and RF Room Thermostat

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The Secure SEC_SCP318-SET is a complete kit for controlling your combi boiler-based heating system. It includes the Secure 7-day timer together with the Secure Wall Thermostat (SRT321). The two devices work together, communicating via Z-Wave, enabling you to control your heating and adding a remote thermostat to any room of your house.

Secure 7-day Timer (SCP318)

The SCP318 7-day timer enables you to program up to three time settings per day for seven days of the week. This enables you to accurately control when your heating will be activated.

When used together with the Secure SRT321 Wall Thermostat you ensure that your heating is only operating when you need it - when the room is cooler than the selected temperature.

The timer includes buttons to 'Advance' to the next time period and 'Boost' to turn the heating On for 1-hour.

Note: The device is intended to upgrade existing combi boiler systems that do not have an existing room thermostat. It is not intended for new installations where it will be necessary to install two heating zones in order to comply with current Building Regulations.

Important: This timer cannot be controlled by other Z-Wave devices except the Secure Wall Thermostat. It cannot be included into a Z-Wave network that is controlled by a Z-Wave controller such as VERA or Home Center 2.

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