Qubino 32A Bistable Switch for Smart Meter

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New Qubino 32A Bistable Switch for Smart Meter

The Qubino BICOM432-40-WM1 Bistable Switch with Infrared (IR) Communication is to be used with Qubino Smart Energy Meter ZMNHTD1 Plus.

It is intended for use in smart buildings, smart installation, demand-side-management and industry solutions. The Switch has four separate contact for loads up to 32A.

The Qubino Bistable Switch has modus communication over IR connection. This is a switching device with two stable states for switching On/Off all kinds of electrical loads.

When the switch is not initiated electrically, manually or over IR communication path, remains stable in its operating position and will change its operating position on initiation or actuation. The Switch is controllable over an IR communication interface always in slave communication position.

The Qubino Bistable Switch has built-in electro mechanical check of the position status. It is available as a standalone unit, being also powered from own power source over an internal power supply.


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