Eutonomy euFIX Adapter DIN for Fibaro Dimmer 2

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euFIX. DIN TH35 rail adapters for Fibaro modules

Eutonomy euFIX are adapters for Fibaro modules which help you to install and maintain system which require mounting Fibaro modules inside electric rack.

Eutonomy euFIX are available for the following Fibaro modules: FGD-212, FGR-222, FGS-212, FGS-213, FGS-222 and FGS-223. All euFIX adapters are available in 2 versions: with or without buttons.

euFIX D212NP

The Eutonomy euFIX D212NP Adapter is used to install the Fibaro Dimmer FGD-212 module (sold separately) on DIN TH35/TS35 type rail in the electrical switchboard.

The euFIX D212NP Adapter consists of the case and the base board, where the FGD-212 module is mounted. The dimensions of the case are appropriate for a standard DIN TH35/TS35 type rail. The base board contains a set of screw terminals, where all the wires (power supply, input and output signals, control pushbuttons) can be safely connected.

An optional Fibaro Bypass FGB-002 module (sold separately) can also be connected to the adapter's screw terminals.

This adapter is also available in D212 version with push buttons.

Front and side view of the euFIX D212NP Adapter (dimensions are given in mm):

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